About Us

The Great Plains Natural Science Society, formerly the North Dakota Natural Science Society, was founded in 1967 and seeks to promote interest in and understanding of natural history of the Great Plains, to encourage the conservation of natural resources, and to provide communication among individuals, institutions, and organizations of like interests. The GPNSS actively promotes the study of natural history of the Great Plains ecoregion, including geology, plants, birds, mammals, fish, insects, and other forms of life.

Together with local, state, and national conservation organizations, the GPNSS fosters natural resource conservation and preservation of outstanding natural areas. The GPNSS publishes The Prairie Naturalist, a widely read open-access peer-reviewed journal that explores the natural history and environment of the Great Plains region.

GPNSS membership is diverse and includes many professional scientists. Society members have strong interest in sustainable management of Great Plains natural resources and their habitats. The natural history and ecology of the Great Plains is the primary focus and interest of the GPNSS; thus, the primary interest and goals of the Society promote increased scientific knowledge of the interactions of all Great Plains organisms with their habitats, and encourage the use of applied research for informing Great Plains natural resource policy decisions.