Membership Information

Join the Great Plains Natural Science Society today!

You can join the Great Plains Natural Science Society (GPNSS) by completing the 2021 Membership Form and sending it with payment to:

Dr. Shubham Datta, Secretary-Treasurer
The Prairie Naturalist
Dakota College at Bottineau
13 Highview Estates Road
Bottineau, ND 58318
Email: theprairienaturalist at

The GPNSS provides its members with the following:

  • Professional Networks – GPNSS members include wildlife managers, researchers, conservation practitioners, academics, students, and anybody interested in the Great Plains.
  • The Prairie Naturalist subscription – The Prairie Naturalist, published since 1969, is a scientific journal covering research on the North American grasslands and their biota. Research topics include articles investigating Great Plains community and landscape ecologies, species-specific population dynamics, mammalogy, ornithology, invertebrate zoology, herpetology, ichthyology, botany, animal behavior, infectious diseases, and biostatistics.
  • Meetings and Conferences – GPNSS co-hosts an annual meeting with the Central Mountains and Plains Section of The Wildlife Society, which includes presentations by a diverse group of professionals on current research, policy issues, and management practices.
  • An electronic newsletter (beginning 2011) that provides membership information on association meetings, professional meetings, editor updates, current events, and news of GPNSS members.
  • Educational field trips designed to inform the general public and members of the biota, topography, and natural history of the Great Plains region.

If you have questions regarding GPNSS membership, please email the Outreach Coordinator using the text fields below.